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Welcome to the world of the musical labyrinth. Here you will discover the emergent contemplative awareness that arises from the union of contemporary classical music with the ancient geometry of the labyrinth.

Since 1998 composer John Burke, through his Labyrinth Project, has researched and developed a dedicated repertoire inspired by and closely modelling the spiritual journey that is immanent in the act of walking of the labyrinth. It includes ambient and meditative music appropriate for the walk itself, as well as crossover works that bring its spirit to the concert hall. This initiative has produced a distinguished series of environmental and concert events founded on the synergy of music and sacred space.

For John Burke, the path of the labyrinth has been a personal journey in search of the sacred wellspring of Western art music, and an investigation into its role as an agent for transformation. Relevant documentation addressing issues of spirituality, aesthetics, philosophy, and consciousness studies are woven into the fabric of this website, to serve as a basis for continued exploration and outreach.

“May this resource serve as a labyrinth of transformation for your own journey.”

– John Burke (1951 - 2020)

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